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Hillbrow Berea Yeoville Parks


Contract Value: R30 million (combined)

Client: Johannesburg Development Agency

Under the auspices of a Johannesburg Development Agency appointment, Ikemeleng Architects worked on upgrades to Pieter Roos, Alec Gorschell, Le Roith, Donald Mackay, JZ de Villiers, Pullingerkop and Ekhaya Neighbourhood Parks, all located in Hillbrow, Berea. and Yeoville. The design concepts developed and implemented are based around functional needs determined in consultation with the surrounding communities and with Johannesburg City Parks.


The upgrades focused upon offering facilities to a diverse range of end-user groups and accommodating a variety of different activities, including children’s play, sports, exercise as well as more passive activities.

Hoek Street Linear Market


Contract Value: R5,6 million

Client: Hoek Street Consortium

Located between Plein and Bree Streets in Johannesburg CBD, the Hoek Street Linear Market incorporates Trader Shelters featuring distinctive zig-zag roofs with integral lighting, tagged the “Heartbeat of the City”. Custom-designed fold-out Trader display trolleys have also been designed, with special types for Fruit and Veg, Clothing and Arts and Crafts vendors.


The project also features new paving and street furniture elements such as benches, litterbins and bollards. A consortium comprising City Property, ApexHi Properties, Afhco Holdings and the City of Johannesburg appointed Ikemeleng Architects for this project

Vilakazi Street Precinct


Contract Value: R 50 million

Client: Johannesburg Development Agency

Ikemeleng Architects were the lead architects in the consortium appointed by Johannesburg Development Agency to design and implement a Public Environment Upgrade for the Vilakazi Street Precinct in Orlando West, Soweto. Guided by an Urban Design Framework, the project aims to create a walkable precinct between the various heritage sites and tourist attractions located within the precinct, including the Hector Pieterson Museum and the Mandela House.


The project includes new interventions such as the Nobel Laureate Walk linking the Mandela House and the Tutu Family Home as well as a interpretation of important sites such as the spot where photographer Sam Nzima took the iconic photographs of Hector Pieterson, Mbyisa Makhubo and Antoinette Sithole in 1976.

Retail Improvement District


Contract Value: R5 million

Client: Johannesburg Development Agency

Ikemeleng Architects worked for Kagiso Urban Management to prepare sketch proposals for a public environment upgrade of the Retail Improvement District in Johannesburg Central Business District, on behalf of various property owners in the area. Ikemeleng’s proposals for the area centre around the insertion of a series of focal elements, housing trader stalls, info kiosks, event spaces and public toilets, into the main shopping streets, Joubert and Kerk Streets. A distinctive brand for the area will be created through the design of paving layouts, street lighting and street furniture elements such as benches, litter bins and bollards.

BRT Station Precinct


Contract Value: R 20 Million (Estimate)

Client: Johannesburg Development Agency

The design of the Station Precinct Public Environment Upgrades aims to compliment the Rea Vaya Joburg BRT System through improvements to walkability within streets and spaces adjoining BRT Stations. Particular attention is paid to minimizing changes in elevation and the creation of walkable sidewalk lanes, clear from all obstructions such as poles, signs and furniture.


A distinctive brand for the area is created through the design of landscaping, paving, street lighting and street furniture elements such as benches, litter bins and bollards. Ikemeleng Architects are leading the design consortium working on this project, comprising two other architectural firms and a landscape architect.

Inner City Core Phase 1&2


Contract Value: R50 million

Client: Johannesburg Development Agency

Following on from our work on the Retail Improvement District, Ikemeleng Architects were appointed by Johannesburg Development Agency to design and implement a Public Environment upgrade within Johannesburgʼs Inner City Core. Phase 1 of this project focused on new trader shelters, paving, street furniture and lighting to Joubert and Kerk Streets. The zig-zag roofs of the traders shelters were adapted from the Hoek Street “Heartbeat of the City” design, including also a special food court module at corner Kerk and Von Brandis.


The scope of work also included the regeneration of Ernest Oppenheimer Park located at the rear of the Rissik Street Post Office, comprising new mini-amphitheatre, multi-purpose court ablutions block and artworks screen to the rear of the post office. Phase 2 had concluded at Attwell Gardens compromising of sports and rec, kids play area and intervensions such as upgrades of pedestrian ways, new lighting, bins, benches and green areas.

Light Factory


Contract Value: R 800 000

Client: Johannesburg Development Agency

Johannesburg Development Agency appointed Ikemeleng Architects in 2005 to redesign the interface between the Johannesburg Art Gallery and King George Street. The interface is both functional, securing the gallery and an adjoining paved court facing onto the street, and aesthetic comprising a series of lantern boxes that illuminate the interface at night acting as a landmark to visitors and passers-by. The design of the lanterns is intended to be evocative of the night-time appearance of the numerous high-rise apartment buildings that surround the Gallery.

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